Zombies Love Bacon started as online gaming community for both casual and serious gamers offering a fun and friendly environment to meet like-minded gamers. Today it exists as a website & Youtube channel run by its founder ilati. The Zombies Love Bacon crew continue to play games and stay up to date with the latest games. You’ll find us playing PS, xBox, Nintendo and PC. We have a strong Destiny community but understand that even the hardest of hardcore COD player just wants to play UNO every once in a while. Based in Melbourne Australia and founded January

Based in Melbourne Australia and founded January 1st, 2013 by ilati, Zombies Love Bacon was made up primary of Call of Duty players from other clans who gamed together merging into ZLB. Founding members Kiwi, Maeko, Atroshus, Ladydanger, invictus, shayemus, Ragermeister, PLQNKER, Dexter, Breadfan & Bonjovi919 are still active crew members to this day and you’ll find them (along with other characters) starring in clips on our YouTube channel to this day.

Zombies Love Bacon has competed in pro-gaming online comps like CyberGamer & Goodgame, We also competed in the Regional Gamers League for a number of years. We attend PAX AU & RTX Sydney whenever possible. We don’t run a recruit system or require hours per week. We are a friendly crew of Australian and New Zealand gamers and if your keen to play a game with us message us here or on twitter and let’s play!

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