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Hello world!

Zombies Love Bacon has evolved and changed many times over the past five years. We were once little more than a group of people from Australia & New Zealand who formed a community of like-minded gamers from a heap of old clans. These days, its even more gaming, but with added extras, like Youtube videos and twitch streams! We felt like it was time to change to the look and feel of the Zombies Love Bacon website to be more in line with our current activities.

Over the years, Zombies Love Bacon has slowly changed focus from VOD to live streaming. YouTube just isn’t the same as it used to be, and days of recording and editing are just disappearing the YouTube void. The move to twitch has been a great fit, with the twitch community much more welcoming than YouTube ever was. That said, with the move to Livestreaming came a new problem – Community engagement. Twitch doesn’t work without an audience, so part of the new website is integrating the Zombies Love Bacon social media – giving everyone the chance to get involved and get social with Zombies Love Bacon, this includes a ZLB Discord too.

There are a few projects in the projects in the works for Zombies Love Bacon and we’re excited about what the future will bring for the Zombies Love Bacon brand and the friends of the community who have joined us along our five year long journey.

With that all said, please explore and enjoy the new website, visit the socials and YouTube channel to check out all the content so far and don’t forget to the visit the twitch channel and follow to check out the live streams and interact with Zombies Love Bacon crew.

If you are a creative type or just a gamer wanting more people to game with, maybe you’re a streamer or YouTuber looking to collaborate then contact us through any of the Zombies Love Bacon socials or through the contact page here. We look forward to meeting you! :)